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The Gloucestershire Parish of Chalford covers two square miles of some of the most beautiful countryside in the whole range of the Cotswolds. It lies four miles south-east of Stroud on the north side of the River Frome, eight miles west of Cirencester, and in and above the Golden Valley.

In this part of Gloucestershire the Cotswolds are cut by deep gorge-like valleys opening out westward into the Severn plain, and having characteristics strikingly different from the shallower combes watered by Cotswold streams feeding the Thames. At Chalford the valleys are Alpine in character, deep, narrow and well wooded.

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I am moving from Bristol and looking for a property in the Chalford area.
Ideally, a characterful 2-3 bed house, with a good sized garden. 
The more beams the better, and country views would be a bonus.
If you know of any suitable property, which may not be on the open market,
please do get in touch via email:  Many thanks."


Interested in being a voice for young people in your community? If you’re between the ages of 13 – 19, and want to have a voice and be heard on matters in your local area, then come along and join us at Chalford Cubed, your youth forum for your area. We meet fortnightly, and you’ll have the opportunity to be influential in local adult decision making, as well as designing and running your own community projects, learning new skills, and making new friends. Want to get involved? Just text ‘I’m Interested’ with your name and postcode to, 07896 690140, send an E-Mail to, or have a look at our new website

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